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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Name that mill, Lions playoff edition

This grain doesn't stand a chance
By Chris Siciliano

With three days left to vote in Siciliano's "Name that Mill" contest, two clear front runners are vying for the top spot, Milldred and Brews Millis. While Mill-ford Brimley and The Barlinator are battling it out for third, cellar-dwellers Mill Cosby and Mill Malton have given up all hope of placing.

In fact, so poor has been the showing by Mill Malton (an astounding zero votes thus far), Buzz editors have decided to add another name to the ballot. In honor of the Detroit Lions first playoff berth since 1999, and since the Apollo Econo 2-Row Mill is painted something close to Honolulu Blue (an official Lions' uniform color), we're adding Barley Sanders to the list, a name derived of course from the greatest running back of all time.

Our blogging software won't allow us to edit the ballot after the first vote is cast, so if you're a fan of Barley Sanders please write it (or any other name) in the comments section below. Also, if you've already voted, be sure to tell us the name you're changing from.

Go Lions!


  1. Sticking with Milldred. I love the Lions but love short nicknames even more!