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Monday, January 23, 2012

Hopslam Bedlam

Having too much Hopslam is hardly a problem. Just be sure you don't try to drink it all at once.

By Steve Siciliano

At the store last week a few of us were discussing how quickly Hopslam was flying off the shelves. Sarah "The Cheetah" Derylo recalled an amusing incident that happened back when this now immensely popular double IPA was still new to the scene. A customer asked former staffer Wes Eaton if it was hoppy. In response Wes picked up a bottle, straight-faced, and simply pointed to the label. "Dude, you see this guy? He's being crushed by a giant hop."

That same year I foolishly procured a keg of Hopslam for our annual Siciliano's winter employee party—not one of my wiser decisions. To protect the not so innocent I'll refrain from going into details. But let me tell you, that smooth as silk ten-per-center sneaked up on all of us. The result was nothing short of bedlam.

I look forward to Hopslam's release each year, not only because it's an exceptional brew, but also because it's one of the few highly anticipated releases where there's beer enough to go around. Seasoned retailers will tell you it's best to keep the customer happy—that's easy to do when everybody's had their fill of Hopslam.

1 comment:

  1. I made the mistake of taking a mini-keg of Hopslam on our annual canoe trip last year. Let's just say I don't think my wife wants to be in the same canoe as me on the next trip.