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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Now you've got the grist of it - Siciliano's new mill

Attention brewers!

Siciliano's new grist mill is officially open for business. Capable of grinding 50 pounds of malt in about 60 seconds, the Apollo Econo 2-Row Mill is a real beauty, a machine deserving of a nickname to match its ability.

Which brings us to today's contest. A few weeks back we put a call out on Facebook for suggestions on what to dub the new mill. A flood of names came in, many hilarious, most fitting. In the upper right hand corner are the ones we thought were best. Now it's up to Buzz readers to make the final decision--by what name will the new mill be forever known?

Voting begins today and will close next Thursday at 12pm sharp. The winning name will be announced on the January 6 edition of New Beer Friday. Providing you only want to vote once, you can vote as many times as you like. In other words, one vote per person please. Finalists are as follows.

    • Mill-ford Brimley
    • Brews Millis
    • Tiny
    • Mill Cosby
    • Mill Malton
    • The Barlinator
    • Milldred
For what it's worth, the Buzz editorial board is officially endorsing Tiny, the name proposed by Rodney Lawrence, Siciliano's handyman extraordinaire and builder of the wood cabinet in which the mill now sits. It's a great looking cabinet, Rod!

Disclaimer: This contest is just for fun. If the name eventually chosen was proposed by you, then congratulations, you win bragging rights over all your friends. No other prize will be associated with the winning name. (Anyway what's better than bragging rights?) All rules are subject to the passing fancies of the boss, who has final say in matters such as these.

Here's to high efficiency!

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