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Monday, January 16, 2012

2012 Hop Rhizomes, Pre-Order Now!

Editor's Note: The pre-order for hop rhizomes is officially over.

By Greg "Swig" Johnson

Even though we may have just gotten our first real snow here in West Michigan and it seems that winter is finally settling in, here at Siciliano's we are always thinking about what the next season might hold. It is once again that time of year that we do our pre-order for hop rhizomes. The varieties of hop rhizomes that will be available are as follows:

    • Cascade
    • Centennial
    • Chinook
    • Columbus
    • Fuggle
    • Glacier
    • Golding
    • Hallertau
    • Magnum
    • Northern Brewer
    • Nugget
    • Tettnang
    • Willamette 
Rhizomes are $5.00* each and the deadline for pre-orders is Sunday, February 26th. We expect the rhizomes to arrive around the end of March. The exact date cannot be provided at this time because weather dictates appropriate harvesting conditions for the rhizomes. Once we know the rhizome delivery schedule, we will notify you of the exact pick-up dates. 

Please note, due to the perishable nature of rhizomes, individuals will have only ten calendar days to pick up their order(s). Those unable to stop in during that time should contact us to make the necessary alternative arrangements. After ten days all remaining rhizomes will be released for general sale.

To order rhizomes please email (preferred method) or contact Siciliano's by phone or in person, or by fax (616-453-9687). When ordering, please specify full name, contact information (email address if available), variety and quantity of the rhizome(s) you desire.

For more information on growing rhizomes, please refer to the excellent books for sale at Siciliano's and/or to the pdf resources provided by our rhizome suppliers. And, as always, we invite you to contact Siciliano's directly with any questions you might have.

Homebrew club discounts will apply.

Hops on the vine

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