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Monday, January 9, 2012

Name that mill, final results

"Big Milldred"
By Chris Siciliano

Those following the "Name that Mill" contest will recall that voting ended last Thursday with a tie between Milldred and Millford Brimley. In a perfect world the Buzz staff would have been prepared for this scenario. Since the world is not perfect and, more to the point, since this contest is all for fun, with no real consequences, we're putting the thing to rest by retroactively enacting a tie-breaker clause, which is as follows.

In the event of a tie, the matter will be decided by Siciliano's Chief Executive Officer Steve Siciliano.

On Friday afternoon, this editor received an email with Steve's final, tie-breaking vote. It read simply, resolutely: "Let's call it Big Milldred." So there you go. The boss has spoken. The winner is decided. Big Mildred takes the day.

Lest the results seem unfair, we are officially giving the name Millford Brimley to Siciliano's Country Living flour mill, still a relatively recent acquisition. While we're at it, we're going to nickname our other three barley mills, though nobody, not customers, not staff, will ever be expected to refer to any of them by name—that's because, again, the contest is all for fun, a way to help spread the word about our new grist mill, and really nothing more. See the pictures below to learn the names that have been chosen.

"Millford Brimley"
"Barley Sanders"
"Brews Millis"

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