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Monday, November 14, 2011

Recipe: Jeff Carlson's no-knead spent grain bread

The following recipe and photos come care of Jeff Carlson, award-winning homebrewer & cidermaker, active member of the Primetime Brewers homebrew club, and longtime Siciliano's customer. Jeff sent us this take on the no-knead method which combines combines two of the greatest things in life, bread and brewing. In his words...

I did a No-Knead using some spent grain from last week's Learn to Homebrew Day. I made a batch of No-Sparge English Bitter, using pale malt, 60L and 150L crystal. I froze a cup or two of the mash. This weekend I unthawed it and dried it in a low oven (200F for about an hour). Took approximately ¾ cups, decreased the flour some, and added an extra ¼ cup of the finished beer in the mixture. Nice crust and crumb. I was going to bring some over to Siciliano's, but my hungry family ate it all. Went well with the seafood Paella I made.

The Buzz editorial staff anticipates experimenting with this recipe ASAP. We'll report back with any tips and tricks we discover. In the meantime, and thanks to the foundation Jeff provided, interested brewers/bakers should have no trouble trying this one on their own. Folks new to the no-knead method can learn all about it by reading No-knead bread: our take on a new classic. Thanks again, Jeff!

Everything in its place

The mix

"The dough also rises"

Excellent shape!

Won't last long, and neither will the
rosemary/thyme butter on the side

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