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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Homebrew equipment kit, a.k.a. the best gift ever

Give away a beer, make someone happy for an hour. Give away a homebrew kit, make someone happy for a lifetime.

By Doug Dorda

I will never forget the day I walked out of Siciliano's with my first homebrew equipment kit. For a long time the staffers had encouraged me to try my hand at making beer (I wasn't yet employed there). I finally took their challenge, fell in love with the hobby, and began the long crusade that led eventually to a career in the fermented arts.

I tell you, nothing quite compares to the feeling of making your first beer, of being that connected to the sweet intoxicating liquid. The smell of boiling malt wafting through the air. The complex aromas as hops are added to the wort. The sick, sinking feeling when you realize you've forgotten something important for the batch.

The last of those feelings is what inspired us to compile the ultimate beginner's homebrew kit, a complete collection of glassware, literature, and the necessary equipment. For $189, more than $15 off the regular retail price, the following can be yours.

Not included in this deal are ingredients for the first batch of beer. We recommend first time brewers begin with one of our Brewers Best ingredient kits so they can wrap their minds around the process without having to fret too much over recipe construction. We have a wide variety of styles to choose from, and they range in the price from $29 to $48.

So if you're looking to get the perfect gift for that loved one who has always talked about making beer, this is it! You can expect to spend between $225 and $250 to get him or her (or yourself) completely ready to make beer, all depending on which ingredient kit you choose.

Note: We also offer gift cards. If you can't decide what to get for the homebrewer who has everything, get them one of these. Gift cards work for every product for sale at Siciliano's, not just those related to homebrewing. 

From all of us at Siciliano's
We wish you a safe and happy holiday season!

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