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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Recipe: No-knead bread with hard red winter wheat

Friends, colleagues, foodies, enthusiasts, and craft-anything obsessives:

Our apologies if it seems bread- & baking-focused posts have lately taken hostage of the Buzz. We're excited to share our new products, is all, and when we get excited about something, we have a tendency to obsess. (Can you blame us?)

At any rate, today we have for you a recipe, a very simple one, but one also guaranteed to produce some of the most extraordinary bread you've ever seen or tasted. It's a rustic bread, close to but not quite ciabatta, and includes a small percentage of fresh-milled whole wheat to give it a somewhat heartier taste and aroma. Give it a chance and we think that you too, like us, will be hooked.

First things first, this recipe is based on the famous no-knead method of baking, discussed at length in a previous Buzz post found here. No time for reading? Then this video here will be enough to get you started, though we still recommend you read the longer post if/when time allows -- there are tips and additional videos included that make the already easy process even easier. On to the recipe...

All non-water ingredients are now for sale at Siciliano's.

  • 12-oz (340g) natural premium white flour
  • 4 oz. (115g) fresh-milled hard red winter wheat
  • 12 oz (340g) Water
  • 2 teaspoons (10-11g) purified sea salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon (1g) Saf-Instant yeast

For directions, again, please refer to the No-knead Buzz post here or to this helpful video here. For an even wheatier experience, try increasing the amount of fresh-milled hard red wheat flour from 4 oz to 5 or even 6 oz. Just be sure to decrease the amount of white flour accordingly. And a final note, when you mill down the wheat berries, do yourself a favor and smell the fresh-ground flour -- you'll be shocked by the pungent, almost fruity aromas that are completely absent from any pre-ground.

More recipes to follow!

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