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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The mill at Siciliano's - now open for business!

Today we're pleased to announce that Siciliano's flour mill is officially open for business...with a few caveats. The mill's current home (next to the honey pot) is a temporary one; once we finish construction on the new wing we will move milling operations to their permanent location, about 30 feet to the west.

Also, since our fancy new bins have yet to arrive, we've temporarily stored all grain and flour in regular old brew pails. Not the prettiest display, but for the time being, they get the job done.

Why the rush? After staring for a week at a pile of 25- and 50-lb bags of pure potential (i.e. wheat berries, rye berries, etc), we figured, hey, why not get this stuff out of the warehouse and onto the floor so people can start experimenting with it. That's what I've been doing. Even as I write I'm thoroughly enveloped by the aroma of fresh-baked bread wafting in from the kitchen -- why should I have all the fun?

Find  photos from bake-day at the end of this post. First, here's a list of product now for sale at Siciliano's, with prices included.

  • Organic flax seeds - $1.79/lb
  • Organic sesame seeds - $4.69/lb
  • Caraway seeds - $3.49/lb
  • Organic 7-grain cereal - $1.99/lb (soak overnight, add to bread, contributes wonderful flavor, texture, and nutrition)
  • Organic steel-cut oats - $1.69/lb (soak & add to bread, or use to make "real" oatmeal - you'll never go back to instant!)
  • Organic brown basmati rice - $1.99/lb
  • Organic rye berries - $0.79/lb
  • Organic spelt berries - $1.99/lb
  • Organic wheat berries, "Bronze Chief" - $1.09/lb (hard red spring wheat, great for bread)
  • Organic wheat berries, "Prairie Gold" - $1.09/lb (hard white spring wheat, great for bread, lighter in color than the red)
  • Wheat berries, hard red winter - $0.89/lb (intense wheat aroma & flavor)
  • Organic soft white heat berries - $0.99/lb (grind fine, use for pastries, cakes, and cookies)
  • Organic wheat bran - $0.79/lb
  • Organic 6-grain flour - $1.39/lb (wheat, rye, barley, corn, millet, buckwheat)
  • Purified, free range, cage-free sea salt - $0.79/lb
  • Organic cane juice sugar crystals - $2.19/lb
  • Wheat Montana natural premium white flour - $0.99/lb (unbleached, unbromated, great for bread and pizza)
  • "Prairie Gold" whole wheat flour - $1.09/lb
  • Saf-instant yeast - $0.39/oz or 5.29/lb
  • Natural parchment paper - $4.89

Please note that this list is only a beginning -- if you would really, really, really like to see us carry something not posted here, come make your case in person. We're apt to be convinced.

Happy baking everyone!

Loyal customer Brad Emerson showing off his first flour purchase, our first flour sale

Temporary bulk bins

Have a slice or four

Bake-day: results

Sourdough: 60% fresh-milled flour, 40% natural premium white

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