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Friday, April 29, 2011

Mash tuns available, great price & quality

This just in! Mash tuns are now available at Siciliano's Market for the bargain-basement price of only $125.00 (+tax). We think it's a great deal for a great product, and we think our customers will agree. Here's Siciliano staffer Doug Dorda to say more about the features these mash tuns have to offer -- take it away, Chug!

Siciliano's Mash Tun Features

  • False bottom to minimize dead space & maximize efficiency
  • Stainless steel fittings to ensure maximum cleanliness & durability
  • 10-gallon capacity to easily accommodate double batches or monster single batches
  • Thick cooler insulation to maximize thermal capacity
  • Ball valve to easily control flow rates
  • Handsome I "pint glass" MI sticker
  • All parts available for individual sale
We have several mash tuns currently in stock and, barring any blights down on the old cooler farm, we will continue to keep several in stock indefinitely. Feel free to stop in for a closer look or with any questions that you have.

See you soon!

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