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Monday, May 2, 2011

2011 homebrew competition, the judging (update)

By Chris Siciliano

On Sunday, May 1, over thirty highly qualified beer judges gathered at The Hideout Brewing Company in Grand Rapids to evaluate the 180+ beers that were entered into this year's homebrew competition.

Siciliano's is happy to report that everything went about as well as you could hope. The judges to a person seemed impressed by the general quality of homebrewed beer on hand, and it was not uncommon to see sincere delight on a judge's face when he or she sampled one of the more successful brews. These were not just experts, keep in mind, but true beer fans appreciating contest entries as much as they were evaluating them. From barrel-aged stout to Berliner weisse and everything between, the judges were treated to a veritable smorgasbord of well-crafted delights.

With the first round of judging now complete and initial scores tabulated, a select panel of judges will meet this week at an undisclosed, top-secret location to choose the Best of Show. Siciliano's will release all scores with much pomp and circumstance the day of the The 8th Annual Homebrew Party (May 14). No scores will be released before that date, regardless of how sweet the bribe or how jedi-like your mind control skills. Like your mother (or fortune cookies) always told you: patience is a virtue.

Special Thanks

To Ken and crew at the Hideout for being such gracious hosts; to Jeff Carlson and John Applegarth for lending their competition expertise; to our wonderful stewards for heeding the judges every beck and call; and finally, a very hearty thanks to all judges for devoting their lives to beer and their Sunday to Siciliano's--your taste buds are much appreciated.

 Random pictures

Founders representin'

Waiting to begin

Greg 'Swig' Johnson - master of ceremonies

Competition winding down

Please direct all questions regarding entries and scores to Siciliano's staff, (616) 453-9674.

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