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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Expansion Update, Volume 5.1

In lieu of a conventional update, we have for you this week a "To-Do list", which, in the chaos of construction, must have somehow slipped off the boss man's desk and into the hands of the Buzz editorial staff.

Siciliano's Expansion (West Wing Renovation) -- To Do List
  1. Tear out the old kitchen
  2. Get rid of restaurant equipment  
  3. Install new storefront
  4. Redo ceiling
  5. Learn to juggle
  6. Install new tile floor
  7. Put up and paint new dry wall
  8. Rewire electric for retail needs
  9. Install new lighting
  10. Eat less fiber
  11. Rewire walk-in freezer for hops/yeast
  12. Paint new customer bathroom  
  13. Forbid (male) employees from using new customer bathroom
  14. Order second Monster mill
  15. Order flour mill
  16. Locate whole grain & flour distributor
  17. Place orders for flour & grain 
  18. Order new book shelves
  19. Order new hardware racks (for kegging equipment)
  20. Nap
  21. Commission new counters from Grain-mill Greg
  22. Order honey pots for bulk liquid malt extract
  23. Quell employee revolt ("Let them drink beer!")
  24. Assemble shelves and racks
  25. Knock hole in wall
  26. Make hole in wall look nice 
  27. Shake head in bewilderment at growing size of to-do list
  28. Feel good about progress already made
  29. Refuse to rest on laurels  
  30. Schedule move-in date
  31. Announce grand re-opening
  32. Announce equipment/supply sale in conjunction with grand re-opening
  33. Order German wieners and root beer keg for customers at grand re-opening
  34. Book clown for grand re-opening
  35. Come to senses
  36. Cancel clown
  37. Move homebrew operations to new west wing
  38. Hold grand re-opening
  39. Relax for exactly nine minutes
  40. Shift focus to homebrew party, competition, and awards ceremony
Bear with us, folks, we're almost there!


  1. make sure you let us know when #31 is complete!

  2. If he can learn #5, he won't need to do #34! :)

  3. Clowns creep me out but I can juggle if its needed.

  4. Thanks, Eric. We'll keep your offer in mind.