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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Expansion Update, Volume 4 (Video)

In the video below, Steve reveals his plans for the new west wing. Though we're making progress everyday, we've set no definitive date for the grand opening of the expansion.

In case you missed them, here are a few key points from the video worth repeating:
  • We have on order four stainless steel "honey pots" in which to store bulk quantities of liquid malt extract. Thanks to everybody who suggested alternative means of dispensing malt -- some great ideas came in! But after much thought, these honey pots (complete with 2-inch ball valves) seemed the most practical solution.
  • Also on order is another motorized grist mill. This will put us at three grist mills total, two motorized and one hand-crank.
  • We are also excited to announce (1) the purchase of a new motorized flour mill and (2) the addition to our inventory of several whole, raw cereal grains for milling, including red wheat berries, rye berries, and spelt berries.
  • Questions or suggestions? Let us know!

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