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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Michigan Winter Beer Fest 2011

Attention Buzz readers!

Below are links to several excellent posts and articles regarding this year's Michigan Winter Beer Festival. In fact, there are so many good write-ups already out there, we thought it best to contribute something a little different to the conversation. Rather than post reviews of specific beers and breweries or our own take on the festival in general, we give you this: a video of the Siciliano's crew doing what we do best, expressing our enthusiasm and love for craft beer in a language that absolutely everyone can understand. Enjoy!

If you didn't attend (or can't remember attending), here are four five links worth checking out.
  • The fine people over at Michigan Microbrews offer up a video of their own, a collage of sorts which reveals the true spirit of the Winter Beer Festival and its revelers.
  • Rachael Recker from the GR Press gives us this story highlighting, among other things, the unique draft systems employed by several breweries in attendance.
  • This post over on Detroit Moxie suggests that even casual beer fans can enjoy the MIWBF.
  • And finally, to keep us all from resting on our laurels, the Great Lakes Guru contends that both the summer and winter beer festivals can--and should--be even better than they are now.
  • Late edition: Here's an entertaining write-up from All the Brews Fit to Pint. Definitely worth the read.
Have a link you want to share? Feel free to post it in the comments section. No doubt we (unintentionally) overlooked some good ones.


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