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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Review: Victory Moonglow Weizenbock

By Kati Spayde

Don't ask me why, but weizenbocks always make me think of spring. The best examples perfectly blend traditional hefe flavors (commonly associated with warmer weather) with enough alcohol to warm you up should temperatures dip back into the 40s (always a threat in Michigan).

For me, Victory Brewing Company's Moonglow weizenbock is one of those "best examples". This beautiful amber-color beer has a fluffy tan head that fades fast but leaves a light, consistent lacing. The nose is bright and full of esters with a touch of maltiness. The taste is that of a hefe, only more so -- the traditional banana and clove are present, as they should be, with distinct impressions of both bread and toffee coming through from the malts.

This is a great beer overall, perfect for when it's too warm for barley wines and still too chilly for summer wheat beers. Victory Moonglow weizenbock (8.7%) is available now at Siciliano's Market. Stop by to pick up a bottle today -- at $2.69 a bottle, it's worth it!

Certified Cicerone and Siciliano's staffer Kati Spayde lives and works in Grand Rapids, MI, where (cross your fingers) it seems spring is finally on its way. 

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