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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Siciliano's Suggests a Six Pack for Summer

A super summer sixer
By Doug Dorda

Lately we hear it more and more: “Hey, can you suggest some summer-y beers?” The requests seem to have been spurred on by the general swath of good weather that we have been seeing over the past weeks. I myself lust for the lazy sun-drenched afternoons, tubing down rivers, extended camping trips, and piling food onto a charcoal grill.

It is no small wonder that people, myself included, take advantage of summer seasonal beer offerings mid-spring in an effort to provide their taste buds with a preview of the season to come. In the spirit of easy strolls on the beach and wild, lingering sunsets, I'm suggesting six of my favorite beers to complement the season of sun.

  • Sam Adams Porch Rocker, $1.59/12oz - A wonderfully crisp and refreshing ale that is imbued with the flavor of tart and slightly sweet lemon. An American take on the Bavarian raddler.
  • Anderson Valley Summer Solstice, $1.99/12oz - Per their website, “A cream soda for adults.” Enough said. 
  • Shiner Ruby Red Bird, $1.49/12oz - If Summer Solstice is a cream soda, this is a ginger ale. Red Bird is packed with thirst quenching ginger and grapefruit that are only too inviting on a hot summers eve.
  • Sierra Nevada Summerfest, $1.59/12oz - A no frills, Bohemian-style pilsner that balances earthy hop notes with an exquisite underlying malt nuance.
  • New Belgium Shift Pale Lager, $1.59/12oz - It’s hard to describe the beer better than they do in this video.
  • Brewery Vivant Farmhand, $2.69/16oz - A farmhouse ale with enough fruity spicy funk to end up drying on the palate while being complex enough to leave the drinker contemplative. 
Bear in mind that this is just one person's suggestions, and I could easily write two more blog posts for two more six packs. I would, however, love to hear from you folks about your favorite summer beers. Please comment with your own six pack suggestions that we might all perhaps discover something new for this summer.

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