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Thursday, May 2, 2013

New Beer Friday, Big Brew on Calder Plaza Edition (May 3)

Forecast: 72 and sunny for Saturday's
Big Brew Event on Calder Plaza
By Chris Siciliano

I don't know about you, but after an especially trying, rain-soaked April, I'm welcoming the month of May with open arms. The promise of better weather (it can't get worse, can it?) combined with a full event calendar at Siciliano's—including our 10th Annual Homebrew Party and the 2013 Homebrew Seminars—has everyone around here buzzing with anticipation.

Kicking off the month, of course, is the first-ever Siciliano's-sponsored AHA Big Brew Event on Calder Plaza. This celebration is just one of hundreds of such "Big Brew" events taking place nationwide this Saturday to celebrate the culture of homebrewing.

Our event in downtown GR will be the one of the largest to date, with 48 teams of homebrewers brewing up 48 identical recipes all in one central, meaningful location—right in the heart of Beer City, USA.

While there is no space for more brewers, the event remains open to the public. Curious beer lovers can stop by Calder Plaza anytime between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. to experience the event for themselves, free of charge. Just be prepared to show your ID if you want to sample some tasty homebrew. If you're of age you'll win a wristband and a small tasting cup.

For those who can't make it to Calder Plaza on Saturday, rest assured that Siciliano's Market will be keeping normal business hours, which brings us, finally, to the point of New Beer Friday: the new beers at Siciliano's.

New (and Returning) Beer at Siciliano's Market

  • Founders Double Trouble, $3.09/12oz - "An imperial IPA that was brewed to turn your world upside down. Hops have got you coming and going. Pungent aromatics up front paired with a malt balanced backbone and a smooth bitter finish. 86 IBUs" (source).
  • Dogfish Head Immort Ale, $4.09/12oz - "Vast in character, luscious & complex. Brewed with peat-smoked barley, this strong ale is brewed with organic juniper berries, vanilla & maple syrup. It’s aged on oak and fermented with a blend of English & Belgian yeasts" (source).
  • Dogfish Head SahTea, $14.39/22oz - "A modern update on a 9th century Finnish proto-beer. Brewed with rye, we caramelize the wort with white hot river rocks, then ferment it with a German Weizen yeast. In addition to juniper berries foraged directly from the Finnish country-side we added a sort of tea made with coriander, cardamom, lemon grass, Indian Black Tea, and ramps leaves. The spicing is subtle and balanced and Sahtea is a highly-quaffable, truly-unique brew with a full-mouth feel" (source).
  • Sam Adams Porch Rocker, $1.69/12oz - "Samuel Adams is currently in the process of brewing up a German style called “radler.” The name radler translates to “cyclist,” A 50/50 (ish) blend of beer and lemonade. (Like a shandy). Perfect for any summer day, Samuel Adams® Porch Rocker was inspired by traditional Bavarian Radlers that mix beer with German-style lemonade. For our bright and citrusy Radler, we blended a Helles beer with lemon for a fresh-squeezed lemon taste, effervescent sweetness, and slightly tart, refreshing finish. A light malt character and hint of hops balance out this summer brew" (source).
  • Ommegang Fleur de Houblon, $2.89/12oz - "Nothing is more evocative of summer than the beautiful aroma of flowers, and the favored flowers of brewers are hops. Our brand new summer ale, Fleur de Houblon (Hop Flowers), is brewed to bring the many elements of summer into a refreshing and easy-to-drink Belgian-style ale. Fleur de Houblon is a rich gold color with distinct floral hops in the aroma that follow through in the taste. Whole-cone Bravo hops are used to impart their earthy, fruity, and floral aromas and flavors. The body and flavor are clean and dry, with pleasing complexity and spicy notes from both primary and secondary fermentation with our unique Ommegang house yeast" (source).
  • Anderson Valley Bourbon Barrel Stout, $10.79/22oz (1 bottle/person limit) - "Complexity. Aged for three months in Wild Turkey Bourbon barrels, this luxurious stout has a deep ebony hue and a beautiful mahogany head. The woody, vanilla-like notes imparted by the barrels mingle with aromas of fresh baked bread, toffee, and espresso and envelop the rich chocolate and roasted barley flavors with a fine bourbon character. Our exclusive partnership with Wild Turkey gives Anderson Valley a world class, consistent source of barrelage, allowing our brewers to explore new frontiers in barrel-aged craft beer" (source).
  • Anderson Valley Summer Solstice, $1.99/12oz cans, $2.19/12oz bottles - "Summer Solstice Seasonal Ale is not just your average summer seasonal. This unique copper colored ale is smooth, malty, and lightly sweet, with a delicate hint of spice for that oh-so-drinkable, extra velvety flavor" (source).
  • Harpoon Hoppy Belgian Style Blond, 6.69/22oz - "This is a delightfully drinkable Belgian-style ale with a big kick of American hops. A Belgian yeast strain, Bastogne, was used to brew this beer giving it a fruity/spicy character. A generous dose of hops – including Galaxy, Simcoe, Chinook, and an addition of whole Cascade hops – yields a powerful hop nose and flavor. The finish is sharp and satisfying. It’s a real winner" (source).
  • Hebrew Funky Jewbelation, $12.59/22oz - "The eighth member in Shmaltz Brewing’s Limited Engagement Barrel-Aged series, Funky Jewbelation features a blend of six ales and lagers from the Shmaltz beer lineup aged in bourbon and rye whiskey barrels, and hustles in at 9.4% alc. Funky Jewbelation is an expert mash-up of Jewbelation 15 (aged seven and ten months), Origin Pomegranate Strong Ale (aged 11 months), Bittersweet Lenny’s R.I.P.A. (aged 12 months), Messiah Nut Brown Ale (aged 6 months), Coney Island Lager (aged 12 months), and Albino Python (aged 3 months)" (source).
  • Bells Consecrator Doppelbock, $2.69/12oz - "Consecrator is a traditional doppelbock-style fermented with a Bohemian lager yeast. Reddish brown in color, with a mild hop profile, Consecrator is a well balanced, full bodied beer with hints of caramel and molasses in its smooth, malty finish. Brewed for a Fat Tuesday release" (source).

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