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Friday, May 31, 2013

New Beer Friday, The Muse is Missing Edition (May 31)

Oude Gueuze
Lest anyone think this writing thing is easy, Siciliano's bossman Steve Siciliano contributes the following NBF preamble.

It’s four in the morning, I’m staring at a blank computer screen and I’m wondering where my muse is. She hasn’t been around lately (for some reason I’ve always thought of my muse as a woman) and I have to admit that I’m getting concerned. I’m beginning to think I’ve done something to upset her or, more likely, didn’t do something and the inaction upset her. Perhaps she is angry about that book I never finished, or the countless ideas she gave me for short stories that I never even started. It’s a good thing I don’t have to rely on writing to make my living because if I did I’d be in serious trouble.

Maybe another cup of coffee will help. Maybe it would help if I lit my pipe…

An hour later now and still I can’t get started. Oh, it’s not that I don’t have ideas. I can certainly write about that gueuze Barb and I drank while sitting on the backyard deck recently—about how it had the same color of the evening rays of sunlight that were filtering down through the trees, about its thick, creamy head that looked liked a billowing white cloud, about how its tartness reminded me of sauerkraut and about the funny face Barb made after she took her first sip.

Or I could write about that bar we went to last week on the lower west side where we ran into that young man who parks cars at the cancer center at St. Mary’s. I could write about how he recognized me and then asked me how my dad was doing, and how he put his hand on my shoulder after I told him. Or I could write about going up to my dad’s cabin this past weekend, and how strange it was being up there without him.

These are some of the things I could write about, and there are others, but it’s six a.m. now and I have to get ready for work. I have a real job, you see. This damn writing thing is just a rather silly avocation.

New (and Returning) Beers at Siciliano's

  • Victory Summer Love, $1.79/12oz - "Brewed locally at the Victory Brewery in Chester County, the Summer of Love Ale is a golden ale made with pale malts, German hops and Brandywine River water. This specific style of beer was chosen because it has a broad appeal and will be accessible for casual beer drinkers, but will still retain exciting hop notes. The brew has a vibrant and refreshing pale color derived from its lean and refreshing malt body. And the initially floral aroma of hops segues into a well integrated, refreshing hop dryness of European heritage" (source).
  • Southampton Publick House Keller Pils, $2.29/12oz - "Visit an Old World lager brewery and the brewmaster will insist that you enjoy a "keller" beerdirect from the aging tank. To a brewerthis is beer at its purest: unfiltered, nuanced and gently carbonated. Southampton Keller Pils is just such a brew. And each year we make it with a different hop variety to create a unique interpretation of the pilsener style" (source).
  • Southampton Double White Ale, $2.29/12oz - "A 'double strength' version of classic Belgian-style 'white' ale. A deceptively light ale spiced with Curacao Orange Peel and coriander seed" (source).
  • Southampton Burton IPA, $2.29/12oz - "Burton IPA is our tribute to the original British India Pale Ales. We replicate the unique mineral-rich water for a true character" (source).
  • Southampton Biere de Mars, $2.29/12oz - "Traditional, French-style, Spring beer. Fruity and smooth" (source).
  • Southampton Abbot 12, $12.89/750ml - "Southampton Abbot 12 is our version of a Belgian Abbey-style Dark Ale. This unique style of ale is referred to as "Quadruple" and is brewed by only a few Belgian Trappist breweries. Southampton Abbot 12 is made with imported ingredients and is formulated to allow the beer to age for several years in the bottle" (source).
  • Three Heads Brewing Co. The Kind, $6.59/22oz - "Voraciously hoppy and not overly bitter, The Kind brings enormous aroma and maximum flavor. It's like talking a walk through a pine forest and ending up at a citrus farm" (source).
  • Dogfish Head Festina Peche, $2.59/12oz - "A refreshing neo-Berliner Weisse fermented with peaches" (source).
  • Tailgate Blacktop Blonde, $1.39/12oz - "An American blonde ale that stays true to form. Bold use of magnum and cascade hops creates a soft subtle spice that set this easy drinker apart from the rest. Beautiful golden malts show you we’re not afraid to put something besides water down your gullet" (source).
  • Tailgate Hefeweizen, $1.39/12oz - "This Hefe is one truly crisp and refreshingly unfiltered ale that garnishes well with a lemon or an orange" (source).
  • Tailgate IPA, $1.39/12oz - "This is what beer is all about, a nice little bite at first swallow followed by a blossom of flavors delivered by our hand picked aromatic hops and carried through the end with a full fisted kick of alcohol content that rocks the richtor scale at 6.5%" (source).
  • Heavy Seas Holy Sheet, $6.69/22oz - "From the centuries-old tradition of Belgian Abbey monks comes our Uber Abbey Ale (9%). Aromatic and very full bodied, the beer will pour a deep burgundy in color and feature a rich, robust depth of malt character. Grab a line – Holy Sheet! – or you might be swept overboard" (source).
  • Round Barn Indecision Ale, $1.79/12oz - "A copper colored ale with plenty of malt and hop character, this beer features a dark malt backbone that distinguishes it from anything else. If you can't decide what beer to drink, then Indecision is really your only decision" (source).

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