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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Great Lakes Brewing The Wright Pils | Tuesday Review

By Doug Dorda

Great Lakes The Wright Pils, $1.79/12oz
In a world that is inundated with ales, it can sometimes be easy to forget about lagers. Rarely do we even encounter an American craft brewery that will include one in their line-up. Those few breweries that have dedicated the time to recreating the seemingly antiquated libation are boldly offering the craft beer drinker a pint of history and daring us to discover depths of flavor we thought confined to the world of ale alone.

A shining example of the flavor laden lager family can be found in The Wright Pils by Great Lakes Brewing Co., a classic Czech Style pils that weighs in with a modest 5.3% alcohol. What I find so endearing about beers like this are that they may be similarly enjoyed by a “light” beer drinker as well as any seasoned aficionado. This is the type of beer that can be casually ignored and enjoyed by the pitcher-full, or dutifully scrutinized and dissected so that not a moment of its blissful flavor escapes one's memory.

The beer pours a brilliant straw golden color and is topped with a lasting head of stark white. Immediately scents of crisp malt and earthen hops jump into the nose. It is a scent as refreshing as a wisp of pine on the wind. Upon first sip the whole of flavors that can be attributed to noble hops are on display. Earth, pine, spice and a mild resinous note shine brilliantly, but not enough to overshadow the layers of malt that provide the “meat” counterpoint to the hop “potatoes.” A mild caramel sweetness is accompanied by a biscuit nuance that coalesces into the perceived notion of light honey. The wheat malt used in brewing the beer provides a sturdy backbone to the lager that leaves the finish medium-dry and utterly refreshing.

On the brewery's website, the beer is given the family status of wildly imaginative thinker. I believe this to be an apt moniker, given the namesake of the beer. The Wright Pils has inspired me to write this review and share my love of beer with all who will listen; how will it inspire you? Pair with wildly fantastic ideas about flying machines, or steak (but wheres the fun in that?).

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