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Monday, November 19, 2012

Siciliano's Black Friday Deal

By Doug Dorda

Let's get right to brass tacks. Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year, will send many of you out and about, determined to check every item off of your holiday shopping lists so that December may find you relaxed and well clear of chaotic last minute shopping. For those of you with prospective beer- or wine-makers on your lists, we have put together a few deals that may make your shopping just a little bit easier.

Our beer making equipment kits will be offered at a substantial discount all day Friday, and on Friday only. On top of the discount on equipment, we will also give you 10% off one ingredient kit of your choosing (this includes wine ingredient kits). Below is a listing of the equipment kits that we offer, as well as their special pricing.

The Brewers Beast Equipment Kit will be only $120 (normally $135). This kit is the best bang for your buck, bar none! It contains: 

    • 1 5-gallon glass carboy
    • 1 6.5-gallon primary fermentation bucket with lid
    • 1 6.5-gallon bottling bucket with a spigot
    • 1 5-gallon stainless steel polarware brewpot
    • 1 4-oz bottle IO-san sanitizer
    • 1 packet of easy clean no rinse cleanser
    • 1 auto siphon
    • 1 triple-scale hydrometer
    • Siphon hosing with a shutoff clamp
    • 1 liquid crystal thermometer
    • 1 carboy brush
    • 1 airlock
    • 1 bottle filling wand
    • 1 twin-lever capper
    • 1 bottle brush
    • 1 brew paddle
    • 1 lab thermometer
    • 1 10” test jar 
The Brewers Best Deluxe equipment kit will be only $85 (normally $105). This kit contains all the equipment that the Beast has to offer, less the boiling pot, IO-san, and test jar. For those that already have a brew pot, this may be the kit to consider.

Again, purchase an equipment kit on Friday (wine kits included) and receive 10% off any one ingredient kit of your choice. From all of us at Siciliano's, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, and an expedient shopping experience.

Note: Discounted prices will only be effective on Friday, November 23, 2012.


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