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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Doug's Deals 2.0 - Beautiful Deals for the Holiday Season

Doug, dealing
By Doug Dorda

'Tis the season for savings here at Siciliano's, and we are working to provide the best possible deals to those of you looking to scratch beginner wine- and beer-makers off your list.

In the interest of providing you, the shopper, with the quickest means of gathering all equipment necessary for someone looking to make their first batch of beer or wine, we present to you the second round of Doug's Deals. Prices will become effective December 1st.

Beer-Making Equipment Deals – Each of these deals will provide you with one version of our beer-making equipment kits as well as two cases of clear 12-oz amber bottles, a wine thief, and a copy of How to Brew by John Palmer. Aside from the ingredients and, in one case, a brew pot, these deals include just about everything a first-time brewer is going to need.

  • Doug's Deluxe Equipment Kit Deal, $135 – With this package, you get the Brewers Best deluxe equipment kit. You will also receive two cases of 12-oz amber bottles, the wine thief, and a copy of How to Brew by John Palmer. These items, sold separately, are a combined value of $158, a total savings of $23. Please note that the deluxe kit does not contain a brew pot; therefore, this is the deal to consider for those who may already have a 5-gallon kettle.
  • Doug's Beast of A Deal, $165 – With this package, you get the Brewers Beast equipment kit, as well as the two cases of bottles, wine thief and book. This kit contains everything that can be found in the deluxe kit, but also boasts a 5-gallon stainless steel brew pot by Polar Ware, a test tube, and a vial of IO-San sanitizer. For those who need to purchase the complete package, look no further than this deal. Again, the total savings add up to $23, as the separate cost amounts to $188. 
Wine Making Equipment Deal – It is important to note that the wine-making deal varies significantly from the beer-making deal. The least of the reasons behind that being there is no boil necessary for wine making so a pot is of no concern.

  • Doug's Wine-Making Deal – For only $130, you get the Vitners Best Wine-Making equipment kit, two cases of 750-ml green Bordeaux wine bottles, and an auxiliary 6-gallon glass carboy. The total cost for the items purchased separately would be $150; that's a savings of $20!
Kegging Kits – Know a beer maker that is looking forward to getting into kegging? This year we have thrown our beginners kegging kits into the holiday fray. The kit includes one 5-lb CO2 tank, a dual-gauge regulator, a new or reconditioned 5-gallon Cornelius keg, a cobra tap, disconnects, hose clamps, and correct lengths of tubing required for liquid and gas distribution.

  • Kegging Kit Deal – The kit with a used keg will be offered at $199, down from $225. The kit with a new keg will be offered at $235, down from $275. Note that the CO2 tank that comes in the kit is not full – pending availability, you may pay an additional $17 on top of the kit price to include a full CO2 tank.
For those of you that simply can not decide on a gift for that beer or wine lover in your life, we also offer Siciliano's gift cards, which are available in any increment you desire. The cards are good for any of the items that we offer in the store. We wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season.

If you have any questions concerning the deal pricing, or any questions about the equipment itself, please give us a call at 615-453-9674.

*All deals listed above are designed to be comprehensive packages for equipment only; ingredients will be sold separately. All equipment listed is also available for purchase separately. You do not have to purchase a full deal if you do not wish.


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