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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hey Kevin: "Should GR get more national recognition?"

Welcome back to Hey Kevin, our advice and information column. Let's get right to this week's question.

Hey Kevin,

I live in Portland, OR but I was born and lived for a long time in Grand Rapids. I try at least once a year to get back to Michigan and from visit to visit I'm always amazed at the advances in the craft beer scene. My beer geek friends here in Portland don't believe GR is the hotbed for beer I say it is. Frankly they don't pay it much mind. Whatevs. It still makes me wonder: Is Grand Rapids the most under-appreciated beer city in the country?

Pauly from Portland, formerly GR

Hey Pauly,

It's true Grand Rapids doesn't always get the national recognition it deserves for being a great place to find a pint. But I think most people would tell you that's changing. With places like Founders, HopCat, Brewery Vivant, and even Siciliano's firmly established, and with new breweries and beer bars opening all the time, not to mention the Winter Beer Festival and other events, it's hard to deny that something real and good is happening here. Eventually that will become to clear to anyone who cares.

To answer your question, the most under-appreciated beer city in America is actually a small town in Pennsylvania called Rye. Now, I admit, I've never been to Rye and I don't know anyone who has. To the best of my knowledge there are no breweries in Rye nor is there any great beer bars or stores. In fact, I don't know anything about Rye other than what Wikipedia tells me, which isn't much.

Nevertheless, in the grand scheme of things having a name like "Rye" should be worth something, and a whole lot of it. Yet to this day I've never read nor heard anything that gives ol' Rye, PA the respect it deserves. And that, dear Pauly, is a shame.

Hope this helps.


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