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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Head Cheese - Your weekly ration

This week your meal of Head Cheese comes with a steaming side of funny. Head Cheese creator Mark Siciliano has made the finals in the cartoon contest over at Be a dear and vote for his toon (the same below) and who knows, maybe this time next week Mark will be more famous than Ziggy and Marmaduke combined—now wouldn't that be something! Here's how to vote.
  1. Log on to
  2. Type "Siciliano" into the search field and click SEARCH.
  3. Select this week's entry for Mark Siciliano's Head Cheese.
  4. Click vote, laugh out loud, tell others to vote.
  5. Ponder what other good deeds to do with your day.
Head Cheese
by Mark Siciliano

Remember also to participate in Siciliano's Cartoon Caption Contest, April Edition, which is going on now. This time around the award for best caption receives a Ricki's cheese making kit ($22 value), a prize almost as good as winning $22 worth of actual cheese. 

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