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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Edible mushroom growing kits now at Siciliano's

Siciliano's now carries three varieties of mushroom growing kits ($19.00 each). For details, just keep reading!

By John Barecki

As many Michigan natives know, we live in a state that produces a great variety of edible and medicinal mushrooms. To the untrained eye mushrooms can be though little things to find and identify. For this reason, we decided to offer our customers a chance to grow their own at home.

We now have mushroom growing kits available in the store that will allow you to grow your own edible mushrooms right in your own home. The kits are a fun glimpse into the world of fungi, showcasing how these organisms produce edible fruits from organic material and then recycle what's left back into the soil.

Our new mushroom kits consist of an organically recycled tissue paper roll for the fungi to use as food, a package of inoculated grain spawn that contains the fungi, and a breathable filter bag to store them in. Currently, there are three different kits available: grey dove, golden oyster, and Italian oyster.

In four weeks—about the same time it takes to make a pale ale—these kits will provide you with at least four "flushes" of mushrooms, which you can either cook and eat right away or process to be eaten at a later time. After the kit has gone through its growing cycle it can be broken up and tossed into your garden to inoculate the surrounding area.

Look for more Buzz posts soon explaining the different kits in detail and with pictures of the golden oyster kit in action.

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