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Monday, March 12, 2012

And the (March) winner is....

Thanks to everyone who participated in the latest cartoon caption contest. The top honor this month goes to Scott Wert, who impressed our judges by eloquently reiterating the age-old question, "Does a bear do its business in the woods?"

Scott should contact the Buzz editors for details on claiming his prize (a book on home coffee roasting and one pound of raw coffee beans). The rest of you will have another shot at comedy glory starting April 2, when the next caption contest is scheduled to begin.

Until then, remember to vote for Mark Siciliano's comic strip Head Cheese in the American Idol-like contest happening over at Mark, our cartoonist-in-residence, recently advanced to Round #6 and would like to thank all of you for your continued support.

The March Winner

"No really? Where do you shit?"

First Runner-up, "TH"
"Ok genius, tomorrow we’re heading to Siciliano’s Market to pick up the book Home Marshmallow Roasting, Romance and Revival."

Second Runner-up, Kyle Fish
"Ketchup? For what?"

Third Runner-up, Rachel B.
I promise you, Stan, the pickings will be better next time if you look for a tent with lots of empty cans around it. Those ones can't run off so fast.


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