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Monday, March 19, 2012

9th Annual Homebrew Contest: Update 3/19

Last year's winner
Attention homebrewers!

A question for you. How goes the peat-smoke pineapple & peanut butter pale ale you devised for Siciliano's 9th Annual Homebrew Contest? Is it in the bottle yet? Is it close?

Not to ratchet up the pressure any, but as of today—March 19th, 2012—you only have about one month left to submit your entry. To reiterate, the deadline for entries is Wednesday April 18th, 2012. By the close of business (10pm) on that day all entries must be at Siciliano's and all paperwork must be complete.

To make things easier for Detroit-area contestants, the good people at Cap 'n' Cork Home Brewing Supply in Macomb, MI have agreed to be an east side drop-off point. Please note the earlier deadline for east side entries—Friday April 13th, 2012—which is necessary to allow contest organizer Greg 'Swig' Johnson the time he needs to go and pick the entries up. Here's the address for Cap 'n' Cork.
Cap 'N' Cork Home Brewing Supply
16812 21 Mile Rd.
Macomb, MI 48044
This year we are expecting a record number of entries (200+), so please be advised, under no circumstance will or can we accept contest entries that come in after the deadline. Feel free to email Greg (Swig) with any questions. And good luck to all of you!

All best,

The Siciliano's Staff

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