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Monday, March 5, 2012

Cartoon Caption Contest, March Edition

Editor's Note: This month's competition is officially closed. Look for the next to begin on April 2, 2012.

Welcome to the Siciliano's Cartoon Caption Contest, March Edition! The winner of this round will receive Kenneth Davids' book Home Coffee Roasting (read the boss' review here) as well as one pound of Panama Boquete Classico raw (green) coffee beans. The contest rules are simple, and as follows.
  1. Study the caption-less illustration (below) provided by Mark Siciliano, creator of the ├╝ber-funny comic strip Head Cheese.
  2. Come up with a hilarious caption of your own. In fact, come up with several. Beer or brewing (or coffee) themed captions are not mandatory, but certainly won't hurt your chances of winning.
  3. Include your caption in the comments section at the bottom of the post. Be sure to also include your full name. Note: captions left by "anonymous" users are fine, but for logistical reasons, they will not be considered for the prize.
  4. Wait with bated breath for the winner to be announced right here on The Buzz on Monday, March 12th, 2012.
The March Cartoon

"Your hilarious caption here"

You can find more Head Cheese at, where Mark is currently doing battle with hundreds of other cartoonists in a contest of his own. Voting for Mark in that contest will not win you brownie points in this one (voting over there is anonymous). However, the universe takes note of such things and will no doubt dole out the karma accordingly.

Obligatory fine print: (1) Please use your best judgment when participating in this contest. Any caption the Buzz staff deems offensive will be deleted without warning or notice. (2) The winner will be selected by a panel of judges to be named later by The Buzz staff. (3) Siciliano's employees & family are not eligible to win this contest; they are nonetheless encouraged to participate by adding captions of their own, hopefully funny ones.

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