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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Announcing Siciliano's Cartoon Caption Contest

By Chris Siciliano

It's a well-established fact that Siciliano's customers are a funny bunch of people. We mean that as a compliment of course. Generally speaking you are (most all of you) clever and witty, and some of you are downright hilarious.

Want proof? Come work an eight-hour shift sometime—we defy you not to bust a gut at the well-timed quips bandied about the store all day. Failing that, scroll back a few months on our Facebook page or blog, paying particular attention to Beer Pun Monday (remember that old chestnut?) and the Name that Mill contest (Millfred Brimley? Barley Sanders? Comic genius.) No matter where you look, evidence abounds that the Siciliano's customer base has a collective funny bone the size of Minneapolis.

With that in mind, we're pleased to announce the start of a new feature on The Buzz. Starting next Monday, we'll be having periodic cartoon caption contests. We will provide you with an illustration on loan from Mark "The Funny Uncle" Siciliano; you'll provide us with your wittiest caption, perhaps beer related, perhaps not. Doesn't matter so long as what you write is funny (and not offensive please).

Winners will receive something, we're not sure what, and will be selected by a panel of experts to be named later. More precise rules and provisions will appear next Monday when the first contest begins. Until then, have a look at three cartoons from Mark's comic strip Head Cheese. These appeared on the Buzz several months ago, but they're worth reposting.

Head Cheese
Mark Siciliano

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