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Monday, February 13, 2012

And the winner is....

Thanks to everyone who participated in Siciliano's first-ever cartoon caption contest. Today's top honor goes to Jon Waalkes, whose prize-winning caption (see below) best embodies the spirit of the "toon". This according to Mark Siciliano, Buzz cartoonist-in-residence and esteemed judge of this first contest.

Jon "George Carlin" Waalkes should contact the Buzz editors for details on claiming his prize. The rest of you will have another shot at comedy glory starting March 5, when the next caption contest is scheduled to begin. Until then, remember to vote for Mark's comic strip Head Cheese in the American Idol-like contest happening over at

The Winner

"She's been tryin' to get me to eat apples,
but in a perfect world man can live on beer alone."

First Runner-up, "TH"
"Thanks for the cider...she tells me it's to die for."


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