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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bulk Cider from Ridge Cider Company: Saturday, Sept 21

By Chris Siciliano

Clear your calendars, folks. Starting at 11 a.m. this Saturday, September 21, Ridge Cider Company will be in Siciliano's back parking lot to sell fresh raw cider in bulk.

According to Matt Delong, our contact at Ridge, recent pressings have produced gravity readings between 1.055 and 1.060. All the apples used in the Ridge Cider company's blend—gala, red delicious, ginger gold and macs—are sourced locally from the Sparta area. The cider will be available in bulk quantities at $4.50/gallon. Please bring cash.

Matt and company will stick around filling buckets and carboys until the cider is gone or until demand wanes. However, interested customers should plan to stop by before 2 p.m. for the best shot at securing a share of the 500 gallons Matt is bringing in.

Be sure to bring your own buckets or carboys to fill, or be prepared to purchase a vessel for transportation from Siciliano's along with the other supplies you'll need (yeast, etc). Here's more information about Ridge Cider Company.
Ridge Cider Company is in the process of becoming a craft cider producer in West Michigan. In addition to the soon-to-be craft cider and apple wine products we also like to share our fresh pressed, unpasteurized, no preservative apple cider for the cider lovers, homebrewers, & fall festivities we all enjoy.
Our apples come from "The Ridge" area near Conklin, MI. To a historic apple cider mill to be pressed. The apples are pressed in an original 50-ton apple press within the mill, driven by a 17-ft water wheel. Experience a piece of history when you drink Ridge cider.
We select the finest mixture of apples, generally 50% sweet 35% sharp 15% tart, depending of the varieties being used. Great for hard cider and apple wine. The varieties we use vary depending on the time of the season as the different breed of apples are harvested at different times. However all of our apples are among the youngest and healthiest trees in "The Ridge" area ensuring flavorful apples for our cider. 
With almost 1000 acres of apple trees we have virtually every variety preferred from the consumer's perspective. We are especially pressing to sell in bulk with the homebrewer in mind.
 See you Saturday at Siciliano's Market!

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  1. Is there any source for raw bulk cider <$4.50?