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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The St. Patrick Hat Trick: Three Ways to Celebrate 3-17

The St. Patrick Hat Trick
By Doug Dorda

Ah, the sweet smell of spring tickles the air and we find our restless spirits chomping at the bit to explode out of doors and celebrate the coming of change. For me, St. Patricks day has always served as a wonderful marker for the coming on of the “green” season. The merriment associated with the holiday has always left my mind to wander over grassy fields, rainbow-adorned skies, and nights embraced by gentle rain that beckons the fauna from a winter's nap.

St. Patricks day, and the celebration of Irish heritage that it has become, deserves to be heralded by uniquely Irish spirits, no? In this regard I offer three Irish-made beverages that may have otherwise eluded your radar in celebrations past (not to say that the classics are undeserving of their part in your celebration; I merely mean to offer some new suggestion). Each of these beverages is proudly made in Ireland, and each has eventually found its way to our American shores.

  • Emmet’s Cream Liquer, $12.99/750ml - Fan of a little nosh in your morning coffee? This is the beverage for you. The taste profile of Irish cream has been recreated thousands of times over for countless products in the world of food. Here you will find the classic flavors you love in a bottle that was delivered from the motherland. It also plays a perfect supporting role in a favorite St. Pat's cocktail.
  • Murphy’s Irish Stout, $2.19/16oz - Here lies the epitome of Irish stout flavor. The smooth, roasted, nutty, toasty, and mildly chalky flavor nuances that have adorned celebrations for years will be found here in spades. Considering the fact it weighs in at a mere 4% alcohol, this is an Irish ale that could be enjoyed the whole day through.
  • Connemara Irish Whiskey, $39.99/750ml - In terms of Irish whiskey, Connemara is an intriguingly unique offering in that it is single malt and also peated. Entirely divergent from its malt forward brothers, this whiskey drinks like a black raspberry that has been folded into a mild smoked gouda. If there's a better way to cap the night or toast the warm embrace of friendship, I have not found it.
Whether or not you tip a glass to St. Patrick, to the flourishing heritage of the Irish, or you are simply looking to have a good time on March 17th, any or all of the above mentioned drinks are worthy of your pursuance. From all of us at Siciliano’s Market, Slainte!

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