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Friday, August 12, 2011

New Beer Friday - August 12 Edition

With only three new beers arriving this week on Siciliano's shelves--and only one that warrants genuine excitement--we thought we'd include a libation first released a few weeks before the advent of New Beer Friday, but which deserves time in the spotlight nonetheless.

Bardic Wells Clurichaun, a hopped and carbonated mead, is like nothing you've ever tasted--and we mean that in a good way! Made in Montegue, MI, Clurichaun is currently available in four flavors, with a fifth flavor (coffee) expected to drop at any time. For more details, including a definition of the word "Clurichaun", see the write-up below (which is lifted directly from the bottle).

New & Returning Beers

    • North Coast Grand Cru, $16.69/750ml - This beer is brewed "exclusively with Pils malt, with an addition of agave nectar in the kettle. It’s subtle, complex, and lightly hopped with a deceptive 12.5% ABV, and aging it in oak gives this unique beer an extra dimension. The result is really champagne-like" (source).
    • Beck's Oktoberfest, $1.49/12oz - Brewed by David "Becks" Beckham. That's what our sources tell us anyway.
    • Dundee Oktoberfest, $1.19/12oz - Brewed by Crocodile Dundee...we think our sources might be drunk.
Spotlight: Bardic Wells Clurichaun
(carbonated mead with hops)

Like their better known cousin the Leprechaun, Clurichauns are mischievous, Celtic fairies who enjoy playing practical jokes. Clurichauns (Kloo'-ra-kahns) live in wine cellars and are avid drinkers. Treat him well and a Clurichaun will use magical powers to guard your cellar, prevent casks from leaking, and keep the contents from going bad. A favorite Clurichaun pastime is riding sheep bareback on moonlit nights. These wee folk know how to party.

Bardic Wells' Clurichaun is a perfect tribute to its mischievous Celtic namesake. With each lightly carbonated sip the combination of honey and hops mystifies the senses. Its potency is wryly belied and by the bottom of the bottle, Clurichaun has elusively worked its magic.

Remember--while riding sheep under the moonlight is fun, an R.S.U.I (riding sheep under the influence) is another matter. Clurichaun varieties include...

    • Clu 22, $9.29/22oz - carbonated mead with hops
    • Rhu Clu, $10.39/22oz - Honey rhubarb strawberry wine with hops (carbonated)
    • Black Clu, $10.39/22oz - Honey black cherry wine with hops (carbonated)
    • Blue Clu, $10.39/22oz - Honey blueberry wine with hops (carbonated)
Interesting Tidbit of the Week 

The drawing on the Clurichaun label was done by artist and Siciliano's staffer John Barecki.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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