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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fresh wet hops for sale, September 17th, one day only

By 'Swig' Johnson

Hey homebrewers! Have you ever wanted to brew a harvest ale but don't grow your own hops? Well fret no more. On Saturday, September 17th*, the Michigan Hop Alliance is coming to Siciliano's to sell their fresh wet hops for that day only.

Five certified organic varieties will be offered for only $0.99 per ounce:

    • Brewer's Gold
    • Cascade
    • Centennial
    • Chinook
    • Nugget 
When brewing with wet hops, freshness is of great importance. Brewing as soon as possible will preserve the flavors and aromas which are unique to fresh wet hops and which come through best in pale ale, IPA, or even Imperial IPA recipes. Keep in mind that when using wet hops brewers will need about three times the amount called for in a typical beer. For example, an IPA that normally uses four ounces of dried leaf or pellet hops will now use twelve ounces of wet hops.

Since these hops are certified organic, a brewer could concoct an all-organic Harvest Ale using the Briess Organic 2-Row Brewers Malt sold here at the store. Or, you can always brew your favorite pale ale or IPA recipe and compare the difference that wet hops make.

*September 17 just happens to be the same Saturday we're giving out free German wieners and root beer to customers who stop by to take advantage of the annual homebrew sale. Mark your calendars now!

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  1. This year my small scale commercial hopyard in Wisconsin is also filling the niche for brewing wet hop ales, I am really excited to finally bring this hopportunity of delivering wet hops immediately to the brewpot!

    See more at

    Delivery will be around Tuesday, August 23rd and pre-order sales ends 8/18/2011