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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Siciliano's Homebrew and Winemaking Sale: Sept 9 to Sept 15, 2013

Reconfigured brewing area
By Steve Siciliano

September will be here before we know it and we can't think of a better way to kick off the fall beer- and wine-making season than by holding our annual sale.

The 2013 edition of the Siciliano's Beer & Wine Making Customer Appreciation Sale will start on Monday, September 9 and continue through the close of business on Sunday, September 15.

Our beer- and wine-making section has been reconfigured and we recently have added some great new equipment for the brewing and winemaking hobbyist. 

During the sale, most equipment, supplies and ingredients will be 15% off the retail price. Items that are already discounted—carboys, 50/55 lb. bags of grain, Blichmann Engineering products—will not be eligible for additional discount nor will the 15% be combined with other existing discounts (like the club discount). We will honor one discount or the other, whichever is greater. Equipment and supplies on the following list will have discounts deeper than 15%:

    • BEER EQUIPMENT KIT/GLASS: Reg. $105.00, Sale $85.00
    • WINEMAKING EQUIP KIT/GLASS: Reg. $95.00, Sale $79.00
    • WORT AERATION SYSTEM: Reg. $38.49, Sale $31.49
    • YEAST STARTER KIT: Reg. $75.00, Sale $55.00
    • MASH/LAUTER TUN: Reg $125.00, Sale $102.00
    • REFRIGERATOR THERMOSTAT (RANCO): Reg. $95.00, Sale $78.00
    • ESCALI PRIMO DIGITAL SCALE: Reg. $26.00, Sale $21.00
    • ESCALI TASO DIGITAL SCALE: Reg. $39.95, Sale $32.79
    • 25 FT. IMMERSION WORT CHILLER: Reg $64.99, Sale $56.00
    • 50 FT. IMMERSION WORT CHILLER: Reg. $130.00, Sale $107.00
    • COUNTER FLOW WORT CHILLER: Reg. $118.00, Sale $97.00
    • KEGGING SYSTEM (NEW KEG): Reg. $289.00, Sale $225.00
    • KEGGING SYSTEM (USED KEG): Reg. $229.00, Sale $180.00
    • STAINLESS MIX STIR: Reg. $29.69 Sale $23.69
    • CHAMPAGNE FLOOR CORKER: Reg. $153.00, Sale $119.00
    • ITALIAN FLOOR CORKER: Reg. $143.00, Sale $109.00
    • PORTUGUESE FLOOR CORKER: Reg. $63.00, Sale $50.00
    • MILWAUKEE PH METER: Reg. $81.00, Sale $64.00
    • REFRACTOMETER: Reg. $91.00, Sale $70.00 
Finally, be sure to stop by the Siciliano's Market on Saturday, September 14 for some free German wieners, homemade sauerkraut and draft root beer. In the meantime, stay tuned to The Buzz for more news from Siciliano's.

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