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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Plastic 5-Gallon PubKegs: All the Rage in Hombrewing

By Greg 'Swig' Johnson

We are ecstatic to announce a new option for kegging homebrew! Introducing the plastic PubKeg. These plastic kegs take are light, easy to use, receive the standard American Sanke keg couplers and, most importantly, the kegs are BRAND NEW!

Using American Sanke couplers, these kegs are a great alternative for people who already have a home draft system for serving commercially available beers but want the option of also serving homebrew.

We will be selling the kegs individually for $59.99. A complete keg kit is available for $260. That kit will include:

    • Plastic PubKeg
    • American Sanke Coupler 
    • Liquid & Gas Lines
    • Picnic Faucet
    • 5 lb. CO2 Tank (New, Empty)
    • CO2 Regulator
    • All Miscellaneous Fittings Needed 
Just like all of our keg kits, we include all the basic necessities except the refrigeration and beer to put in the kegs. Upgrade options are available, including various shank sizes, stand faucets, and the store-preferred Perlick Stainless Steel faucets. Furthermore, we have a full selection of draft equipment to help custom build your home draft system, plus even more that we can special order.

A use and maintenance guide for these new kegs is now available on our website, with details on setting up the kit.

Also, to update the announcement for our Annual Customer Appreciation Sale Week, we will be offering these kegging kits for $199 during the week of September 9th.

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