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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Anchorage Brewing Love Buzz Saison: Review

By Matt Ross (not pictured)

The Love Buzz from Anchorage Brewing Company is a big special beer. It is a saison brewed with rose hips, peppercorns and orange peel. It is fermented with saison yeast and brettanomyces. From there it is dry hopped with bright fruity Citra hops and then transferred into Pinot Noir barrels. This beer was a sensory overload. I felt like a dog chasing my tail, except that I had five tails all moving in different directions. And all of the tails were made of bacon. It’s a good thing.

The upfront appearance of this beer is stunning. It is a deep rich amber in color with a bright white head. It is very effervescent. The aroma is intense, full of grapefruit citrus and big brett with lots of underlying floral earth tones from the rose hips. This beer’s aroma reminded me of crisp leaves on a fall day. The flavor did not disappoint either. It was abundant with brett and oak. Paired with the orange and peppercorn, these flavors hung onto the palate. The finish had a mild, pleasant tannic flavor from the wine barrel.

Overall this beer was amazing. If someone handed you a glass and did not tell you what it was, it would be a very confusing beer to drink, but also a ton of fun to share and analyze with a friend. Each flavor was present which is a something Anchorage Brewing Company has been great about in my opinion. I would absolutely recommend this brew for sharing among friends. Beyond it being extremely well made, it will surely drum up lively conversation (especially due to it being 8%). Share the love!

Anchorage Brewing Love Buzz Saison is available now at Siciliano's ($15.99/750ml).

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