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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hop Head Farms, Now Available at Siciliano's

By Doug Dorda

There is no better season than spring in which to herald the arrival of a new product. As Mother Nature casts her favor toward the sun once again, a cornucopia of welcome changes is sure to be just around the corner. While we at Sicilianos are unable to coax Demeter, Greek goddess of agriculture, into casting off entirely the veil of winter's scorn, we may be able to offer a salve for the soul with this announcement—we are now proudly offering hops from our friends at Hop Head Farms!

For those who would like a reader’s digest version of why this particular tiding is so tantalizing, we point to the fact that Hop Head Farms is located in nearby Barry County. In short, those of you wishing to support local business, bolster our craft beer industry in a new way, or perhaps brew with all Michigan ingredient beers, we now offer you a way to accomplish one or all of your goals.

We now carry the following varieties of from Hop Head Farms:

    • Cascade – 5.13% alpha acid
    • Centennial – 7.38% alpha acid
    • Chinook – 9.68% alpha acid
    • Willamette – 3.18% alpha acid
The good people of Hop Head Farms have also been more than kind enough to work with German hop growers to bring us a few varieties of hops that we previously were unable to carry. The two that we have brought in are as follows.

    • German Opal – 5.27% alpha acid
    • German Saphir – 2.4% alpha acid
All of the domestically available hop varieties are $2.69 per ounce. Both of the imported varieties are available for $1.99 an ounce. Selections of Hop Head Farms varieties are available in our walk-in hop cooler.

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