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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Matt's Burning Rosids

A Reflection by Doug Dorda

It is not my intent to review what is a breathtaking and beautifully realized cherrywood smoked saison from Stone Brewing Company. Rather, I want to comment on the message that this beer's very existence calls into sharp relief.

That message, being one we purveyors of ale know quite well, is that this community, tempered in the forges of the fermented arts, owes the sum of its whole to the passion and efforts of every individual. Alone, we enjoy making mead, beer and wine, but together we exist as a culture bolstered by the simple fact that all are welcome, and all are capable of greatness.

The accident that befell Matt Courtright was tragic indeed. But by simply enjoying a beer that he created, we can pay tribute to his contributions to the craft beer industry, and we can pledge to always remember that our so-cherished beverages are wrought by the hands of people just like you and me and Matt, neighbors (after a fashion). Sipping this ale may prove to be the easiest way to say thank you to not only those close to us in the industry, but to Matt Courtright as well.

Available at Siciliano's Market

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