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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Grand Rapids Beer Week: Siciliano's Tasting Scedule

By Doug Dorda

Imagine, if you will, a week unencumbered by limitations of libations. It is our hope here at Siciliano's that each morning of the forthcoming Grand Rapids Beer Week, you will rise with the knowledge that "aleventure" lies at the waning half of each and every 8 hour respite from enjoyment (work). We would see that you begin your evenings of Beer Week frivolity by making Siciliano's Market the first yellow brick on the road to each evening's celebration of Michigan Beer!

Each night from Monday, February 17, to Friday, February 21, Siciliano's will be host to one of five Michigan fermentation presentations. The beer tastings will take place between the hours of 5 and 7 p.m., and the tastings will be free. We ask only that you have your I.D. present and available for the pourer/presenter before you will be allowed to taste. The scheduled tastings are as follows.

    • Monday: Founders Brewing Company will be conducting a taste comparison between their Centennial and All Day IPA in cans versus bottles.
    • Tuesday: Frankenmuth will be tasting a seasonal as well as their 69 IPA and their Pilsner.
    • Wednesday: Right Brain will offer the Willpower pale ale, Firestarter, and Naughty Girl Stout.
    • Thursday: Short's will show off their Controversiale, Locals Light, and Chatterbox pale.
    • Friday Part 1 (3-5p.m.): Saugatuk will offer Bonfire Brown, Pathfinder pale, and Hop In Yer Rye.
    • Friday Part 2 (5-7p.m.): Vandermill will be tasting Totally Roasted, Hard Apple, and Puff the Magic Cyser.
For more information, please contact Siciliano's Market. Cheers!

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