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Monday, August 12, 2013

Compass Box Spice Tree Scotch Whisky: Review

By John Barecki

The world of Compass Box whisky is one full of experimentation and infinite possibilities. Head whisky maker John Glaser produces a variety of intriguing cross styles that were once unacceptable in the Scotch whisky trade.

Combining the best attributes from some of the highest quality wood-aging techniques, Glaser has amassed a wonderful array of tasty treats. Utilizing his past experience in the American wine trade, Glaser takes American white oak barrels and barrel tops made from French oak and marries them together to achieve a beautiful intermingling of flavors. This process is utilized by the Spice Tree and originated with the Oak Cross release.

The Spice Tree is what used to be known as a "vatted" or blended malt whisky, which means it is a blend of single malt whiskies instead of blended Scotch whisky where grain whisky is used along with single malts. The malts that compose this whisky come primarily from northern highland distilleries in the village of Brora, and the final product is full of wonderful flavors and textures.

On the nose, Spice Tree has a bouquet of cardamom and ginger followed by fruit and white chocolate, bright red fruits, hints of spice and vanilla again. There is a well-rounded smoothness and heightened spice brought on by the French oak and the finish has a lingering fruitiness that ends in a slight dryness. This is a fun and refreshing dram that has good complexity, great for any occasion.

Compass Box Spice Tree Scotch Whisky is currently available at Siciliano's Market for $61.99/750ml bottle.

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