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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Tuesday Review: Super Sunday Edition

In advance of today's big game, staffer Doug Dorda offers up a review featuring two beers you might not otherwise expect to see on the blog. However, it makes sense when you begin to consider the game's long tradition of great beer commercials.

By Doug Dorda

Let's be perfectly honest with ourselves—advertising works. No doubt a billboard, print ad, or high-gloss brochure has enticed each and every one of us to seek out a product, try a restaurant, or visit someplace we would have otherwise passed over. This Sunday, the majority of the American populace will find themselves unified in the viewing of the year's greatest sporting event, which is not only a showcase of two talented teams, but also the time when major brands unveil new marketing campaigns by way of often extravagant commercials.

We all the know the routine—go to the party, gorge on hand-held food items sure to make cholesterol levels spike, and share libations in the embrace of kith and kin. It is in the spirit of this shared experience that we come together as a nation, be it only superficially in a way, and are able to say that we all did the same thing at exactly the same time.

Personally, I love the tradition of the big game. I love having all of my friends around me, I love the dips and chips, I love the excessive volume levels, but most of all, I love the beer. Blessed are those occasions that allow us to simply say, “Yeah, one more, sure, it's (insert holiday or special occasion here)!” I also happen to love the commercials. Though I feel they have lacked for the past few years, one can not deny the majesty of Betty White making her grand come-back via snickers campaign of 2010.

This year, the two things I happen to love most about the Big Game are slated to come together again. You guessed it, beer and commercials. Two of the beers I suspect will do battle on TV tonight might also battle for a slot in our mixed six-packs before the game even starts. They are Budweiser's Black Crown, and Sapphire, released by Becks.

The advertising for these two worked its magic on me before I even saw their commercials, and as such I am sure that many of you will be intrigued to try them as well. At a recent gathering of friends, I cracked each of the two bottles and received a consensus from a sample group that included professional brewers, lovers of craft beer, and novices to beer alike. This is what we had to say:

Of Beck's Sapphire ($1.49/12oz), the group felt the beer to be of a medium body with a smooth finish. There was an interesting semi-sweet note that was picked up, and thought to be a contribution of the sapphire hop that affords the beer its namesake. Our group thought the beer was greatly approachable as well as heartily drinkable, especially considering that it weighs in at 6% ABV.

With regard to Budweiser Black Crown ($1.39/12oz), here the group could not help but remark on the beautiful amber color that the beer pours. It is also important to note that everyone who tasted was able to pick up on a significantly mightier malt note than in any other Bud offering. Having said that though, it was generally felt that the beer tasted like a beefier counterpart to Bud Heavy. It, again, weighs in at 6% ABV.

Knowing our customers, I am relatively certain that some of you would like to try these beers either before or after today's big game. The above reviews are simply meant to offer an inkling of what you might expect from the beers in question. And for awesome commercials from previous games, click here.

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