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Friday, January 18, 2013

New Beer Friday | January 18 Edition

By Chris Siciliano

It's official. Celebrated beer writer Stan Hieronymus has signed on to be the keynote speaker at Siciliano's 2013 Homebrew Seminars. Many of you already know of Mr. Hieronymus from reading one, two, or all three of his canonical books on brewing—Brew Like a Monk, Brewing with Wheat, and For the Love of Hops.

For people not familiar with the author, his work is something we recommend looking into. Even non-brewers will likely find useful information about the process and history of brewing. Take it from the folks at All About Beer, who had this to say about Brew Like Monk:

“Brew Like a Monk is as comprehensive guide on the world of Beglian brewing as there is. Aimed at brewers, both amateur and professional, it is also a wealth of informtion for non-brewers. Hieronymus’ skill as a writer and passion for beer merge in this book, and his effort is as rich as the beers and brewing culture of which he writes. It is surely a mystical, literary trip through Belgium and its brewing art” (source).

Sound interesting? If so, then the next time you visit Siciliano's, make sure stop off in the books department on your way to the beer or homebrewing section. All three of Mr. Hieronymus' books are currently for sale.

New (and Returning) Beer

  • Saugatuk Pathfinder, $1.79/12oz - "A sessionable pale ale brewed exclusively with Cascade hops. Well balanced with full flavor for a refreshing journey, start to finish" (source).
  • Atwater VJ Black Imperial Stout, $2.89/12oz - "Brewed in Detroit. Single Batch Series" (source).
  • Founders Furniture City, $6.99/22oz - "Furniture City Stock Ale is a malt-forward beer brewed with seven different varieties of malts and grains. Our version of this historic style of beer pours a deep mahogany and is smooth and easy to drink" (source).
  • JK's Scrumpy Northern Neighbor Hard Cider, $6.79/22oz - "We invite you to celebrate a collaboration of a few passionate American and Canadian farmers. The fruits of their labor are presented in this bottle, a family reunion of sorts. This delightful cider is made from Michigan apples and a unique Canadian prairie apple, the Saskatoon. Gathered by J.K. from family orchards in Michigan and Saskatchewan, this natural cider has been carefully fermented here at Almar Orchards using our traditional methods. We hope you enjoy sharing this cider that knows no borders with friends, family, and neighbors" (source).
  • Becks Sapphire, $1.49/12oz - "Introducing Beck’s Sapphire, our new pilsner brewed with rare German Sapphire (Sapfir) hops for a distinctively smooth taste and brewed to 6 percent ABV. Beck’s Sapphire represents a new standard for beer. To serve this uniquely smooth pilsner, our engineers spent over two years developing an exclusive, sleek black glass bottle. This bottle not only protects our beer from light better than common brown bottles, it also provides a distinguishing image for Beck’s Sapphire. As with all Beck’s beers, Beck’s Sapphire is brewed according to the German Purity Law of 1516 and uses only four natural ingredients" (source).
  • Blue Moon Valencia Grove Amber, $1.49/12oz - "Maybe it’s not time to shed that winter coat just yet, but we’re hoping this beer gets you one step closer. Valencia Grove Amber is for all those in-between days when you try to coax spring out by wearing short sleeves or flip-flops. You’re still cold. We get it. Cozy up with roasted malts, Valencia orange peel, and a touch of wheat for a hint of citrus that’s ripe for the season" (source).
On Special

Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, $3.19/22oz (formerly $5.19)
Samuel Smiths Organic Best Ale, only $1.49/12oz bottle!

Picture of the Week

Answer to this week's Facebook quiz:
Lily's Seafood Grill & Brewery in Royal Oak, MI


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