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Thursday, May 24, 2012

A real app-titude for beer

Update: Sorry, folks, we've reached the three-person limit for game testers. If you're really, really interested in testing this game, maybe you can convince the developers over on the Michigan Micro Caps Facebook page.

By Chris Siciliano

Gamers and beer fans, listen up. The first three people to send an email to this address will each receive an invite to become an official tester* for a craft beer-themed smartphone game currently in development at Fusionary Media (they who built Siciliano's snazzy-looking website and also The Buzz).

The game is called Michigan Micro Caps and the object is to clear the screen of adjacent and identical beer bottle caps, each one a referent to an actual Michigan brewery, maybe your favorite brewery, maybe one you've never heard of (with around 100 breweries in Michigan, it's possible).

As if that wasn't cool enough, Michigan Micro Caps will also function as a portable index, cataloguing Michigan breweries and providing users with links to websites, maps, and social media pages. The goal is ultimately a worthy one: to expose beer fans to new breweries and vice versa.

Fusionary would like to launch the game for free download by July 1, 2012. However, much depends on how happy they are with the games playability. Thus the call for more testers as well as continued product testing of their own (ahem, continued consumption of Michigan beer, that is).

Also—who are we kidding?—they just want to get the word out. You can follow the game's development by becoming a fan at the Michigan Micro Cap Facebook page.

*Michigan Micro Caps is currently available for iPhones only; game tester must have the appropriate device.

The game

The index

Individual brewery page

A behind the scenes look at development.

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