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Friday, September 9, 2011

New Beer Friday - September 9 Edition

Considering the large number of new beers arriving in-store in recent weeks, it's no surprise that we'd eventually see a week where relatively few new labels hit the shelves. Such is the case with this edition of New Beer Friday. No matter. There's plenty of other exciting things happening these days at Siciliano's. For instance...

  • Voting has begun in the first-ever Siciliano's DIY Kegerator Contest. We're already very pleased with voter turnout, but if you haven't locked in your vote, be sure to visit this page to read all about the finalists. Winners will be announced on next week's edition of New Beer Friday (September 16). You can only vote once, so choose your favorite kegerator wisely!
  • Speaking of next week (Sept 12-18), you know it's our big sale week, right? There's no better time to pull the trigger on that mash tun you've been eying.
  • Speaking of mash tuns, the next/first time yours is full, and you and your buds are standing around it, admiring the glory within, you should take a picture of the scene and and post it on Siciliano's Facebook page. Who knows, you might just see it re-featured on the next edition of New Beer Friday (no guarantees).
New (and Returning) Beers

  • Thirsty Dog Barktoberfest, $1.99/12oz - Thirsty Dog Brewing offers up this very pragmatic description of their autumn seasonal: "A traditional old world German Oktoberfest made with German grains, yeast and hops" (source). We always appreciate the "just the facts, ma'am" approach, but here's a couple of good reviews (here and here) to shed a little more light on the merits of this beer. A word of caution for you office folk: the second link is to a YouTube video; you might want to turn the sound down so your boss can't hear.
  • Ayinger Oktoberfest, $3.79/550ml - One of the most anticipated of all Oktoberfest beers, it boasts a B+ (very good) rating at Beer Advocate, and a score of 96 at Ratebeer. An excellent addition to any seasonally themed six pack.
  • Vander Mill Cider Masala, $11.49/750ml - "This cider was specially made for an English/Indian restaurant and bar in Grand Rapids, MI. Using a local spice merchant, we decided on a blend of Chai black tea spices and whole cut vanilla beans to create [this cider]." Our guess is that the bar in question is Graydon's Crossing. Can anybody confirm our theory?
  • Vander Mill Apple Raspberry Cider, $11.49/750ml - Michigan apples. Michigan raspberries. Michigan deliciousness.
Picture of the Week

Still Life with Russ
This week's featured pic comes from longtime customers/friends Russ and Karin Chudy, who spent their Labor Day Weekend camping in an old apple orchard near Empire, MI. Pictured next to Russ are the self-same hops so many of us have lately driven by while exploring the back-country near Sleeping Bear Dunes in Northern Michigan. Man. Just think of all the beer you could make.

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