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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Save money - build your own immersion wort chiller

Attention Homebrewers!

In the video below, Siciliano's staffer Greg 'Swig' Johnson demonstrates how easy it can be to bend copper for a homemade 50-ft immersion wort chiller. Why build your own? Short of stealing your brother-in-law's*, it's probably the most economical way to secure a chiller of this length.

Tips on building your own

    • For good directions, have a look at this link
    • Copper tubing is available at most hardware stores
    • Look for soft, bendable 3/8" copper tubing, 50' in length, like this
    • Hose, clamps, and fittings are available at Siciliano's
    • Including copper and additional parts, the total cost to you should be $65 to $75 (much depends on how cheap you find the copper)
    • Pricing may vary due to changes in the copper market
If you don't care to go through the trouble of building your own, we sell prefabricated 20-ft Brewers Best immersion wort chillers at Siciliano's. Ask to see one the next time you stop in!

*Editor's note: Siciliano's Market does not advocate stealing, not even from your in-laws.

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