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Friday, June 3, 2011

All-grain demo, June 18th

Attention new and/or extract brewers!

Are you curious to see how the all-grain process works? If so, please join us Saturday, June 18th at 10am for an all-grain homebrew demonstration put on by long-time customer, avid homebrewer, and all-around good guy, Brad Emerson. The demo will happen in Siciliano's back parking lot. There is no cost to attend; but come early to secure a spot close to the action. Bring camp chairs, coffee and doughnuts if needed or so desired.

To learn a little more about Brad's homebrew background and what he intends to brew on demo day, please refer to the interview below.

Editors: How long have you been brewing? What got you into the most glorious of all hobbies?

Brad: I started brewing on a perfect Saturday in October of 2006. As I suspect the case is for most home brewers, I started out of necessity. What I needed was an excuse to get out of going to a wedding. Maybe that's not the reason that most people start brewing, but for me it was a great one. I caught the bug and the batch I brew on June 18th, with the help of those in attendance, will be batch #97. It's hard to believe that I've made that much beer in the last 4.5 years. That said, I'm always reminded of the many pints I've quaffed when I look down to discover I can no longer see my feet.

Editor: You've brewed almost 100 batches of beer, and this is the fifth time we've asked you back to give the all-grain demonstration (which suggests the kind of complete faith we have in you). Not that it's needed, but what else do you think qualifies you to give a demo on all-grain brewing?

Brad: I've been in some contests and won some stuff.

Editors: Nice work! What's your favorite thing about homebrewing?

Brad: Gathering with friends and imbibing copious amounts of home brew.

Editors: What do you have planned for the 18th?

Brad: On the 18th, I will be brewing a Belgian Dubbel using Belgian malts and candi sugar. The OG will be in the 1.070 range so I will also make a 1L yeast starter on my cigar box stir plate. I've always done a simple infusion mash followed by continuous sparging. I use a custom made pump to transfer at various stages and a custom made counterflow wort chiller. I also have a RIMS brewing setup, but I won't be using it for the demonstration."

Editors: We're looking forward to it!

Brad Emerson: all-grain demonstrator extraordinaire

For more information, please contact Siciliano's Market at (616) 453-9674 or stop by and see us in person. 

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