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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday Review: New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

The boss with two good NZ Sauv Blancs
By Steve Siciliano

I don’t always drink white wine, but when I do, I prefer a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

With apologies to the most interesting man in the world, I couldn’t think of a better line to describe how I feel about the Sauvignon Blancs coming out of New Zealand. I enjoy good Chardonnays, I like bone dry Rieslings, and sometimes I’ll opt for a bottle of Vignoles or Pinot Grigio, but right now no other white wine blows my hair back like an NZ Sauv Blanc.

Like many other vinifera varietals, the Sauvignon Blanc grape originated in France where it is grown primarily in the regions of Bordeaux and the Loire Valley. Solid wines are also being made from the grape in California, Chile and Australia. But it's the opinion of some wine experts that New Zealand is producing the finest Sauvignon Blancs in the world.

With individual grape varieties it’s always about how the fruit is affected by a particular region’s specific soil composition and distinctive micro-climate. One region that produces Cabernet Sauvignons of incredible depth and balance will produce Pinot Noirs that are thin and acidic. New Zeeland’s gravelly soil and maritime climate combine to produce Sauvignon Blancs that are perfectly balanced with layers of bright tropical fruit and racy acidity.

Arona and 3 Brooms are two excellent Sauvignon Blancs from New Zealand’s Marlborough region that we currently carry at Siciliano’s. Priced at $11.49 and $14.49 respectively, they are excellent values and are perfect accompaniments to grilled fish and chicken, or are wonderful for just sipping on those hot summers’ nights on the deck.

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