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Thursday, June 7, 2012

The beer that began it all: Doug Dorda edition

Siciliano's staffer Doug Dorda introduces a new Buzz video series showcasing the life-changing craft beer moments that led industry professionals and everyday beer fans down the road to enthusiasm and, in some cases, obsession.

By Doug Dorda

When I was younger, it was difficult for me to understand the purpose of a picture. Of the people snapping them, I thought, why not put the camera down and join in the festivities yourself? The value of memory had not been known to me quite yet. I feel foolish now, looking at the photo albums that showcase my youth – I feel a deep gratitude for the camera wielders of the world. Each photo holds the essence of a place in time, a cue to travel into one's own history and, if you will, reflect on things that have been, are now, and have yet to come.

After looking at some recent pictures I was captivated by a world of self history – I toiled late into the night, scribbling down the stories of my history that lacked a photo to help me remember. It was then that I wrote the tale of my first craft beer, or rather the beer that changed my opinion of beer. The story immediately returned my mind to the day I enjoyed that beer, every wonderment I felt as I experienced the flavor capacity of craft beer, and how earnestly I wanted to try every other style of beer in order to know what I had been missing.

The memory struck me as particularly fun, and I found myself asking many people I knew what their “genesis beer” was, and how they came to drink it. In this spirit, Siciliano's is introducing a new video series so that we may all share our stories, and never forget where we came from. The first installment is a brief telling of my own “beer that began it all." I hope it inspires you to travel into your own libation history, and reflect on what it was that truly made you appreciate "the craft." We would love to hear your own stories (should you feel so inclined to share), either in the store, or right here on The Buzz.

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