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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

To the brewer goes the spoils

By Chris Siciliano

Winning an all-expense paid trip to Sierra Nevada Beer Camp is cool and all, but it isn't the only perk of having your beer named Best of Show in the 9th Annual Siciliano's Market Homebrew Contest.

As in previous years, the winner of our current contest will take custody of the coveted Siciliano Cup. For a predetermined number of days the top homebrewer is free to involve the trophy in any activity he/she chooses, providing said activity is (a) legal; (b) more or less in line with prevailing social norms; and (c) generally within the bounds of common decency.

Last year's Best of Show winner Ross Ziegenthaler converted the trophy for a few days into a glorious cereal bowl. It's true what they say, you know—bran flakes just taste better when imbibed from the Siciliano Cup.

Rather than finding a prize in his cereal,
Ross finds cereal in his prize. 
Open wide!
Safety first

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