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Monday, April 2, 2012

Cider Saturdays at Siciliano's

Photo courtesy VM's Facebook page
Mark your calendar, folks.

This Saturday (April 7) Siciliano's is hosting an in-house cider tasting with the good people from Vander Mill Winery & Brewery. The 11am-to-1pm tasting event will feature Chapman's Blend, a limited edition hard cider named for a true American legend, and I don't mean Duane Chapman (better known as Dog the Bounty Hunter). Here's the info that Paul from Vander Mill sent over.

"John Chapman was an American pioneer that was credited with bringing apple trees to the Midwest in the early 1800s. He was regarded as a kind and generous nurseryman whose apples were often used to make hard cider. Today he is better known as Johnny Appleseed. Chapman's Blend is made from a variety of American heritage apples that all come from Michigan and have over 200 years of history in the US. Varieties include: Winesap, Baldwin, Northern Spy and Jonathan. It is a semi-dry cider with a clean fruit flavor and slight carbonation. These apples offer subtleties to cider that are not possible with more dessert-like varieties. They are often more acidic and carry more tannin through to the juice."

Thanks, Paul. See you all Saturday!

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